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There is no official diagnostic code for executive function – or dysfunction-but we know it shows up in those with ADHD and learning disabilities. Typically, the areas that it affects are:

Time Management

Working Memory

The ability to Organize tasks and materials

Task initiation

Follow Through, Flexibility

Response Inhibition

Self-Regulation of affect

Sustained Attention

Goal Directed Persistence



Does your child bring home the materials they need; remembering the books, workbooks, agenda/assignment book, permissions slips, school notices?

Bring back to school all of the above?

Do they write down assignments?

Do they remember to perform chores?

Are they always losing things even in your own house or yard?


Those tasks alone all belong to working memory category.

Picking and choosing from the others, you may ask:


Do they keeping their desk neat or remember to put things back in the right place?

Is their backpack and locker organized and neat?

Do they follow directions carefully or, if you give too many steps, do they forget some of them?

Do they proofread or check projects to correct careless mistakes?

Do they know how to get resources they need?

Do they chunking down a long term project into smaller pieces or miss timelines?

Do they interrupt others?

Do they have trouble waiting their turn?

Do they act impulsively or have tantrums or meltdowns?

All of these executive functions are found in the prefrontal cortex of the brain and can be trained and improved through Neurofeedback.


Coaching can help with executive function issues.

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