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Though we titled this section "behavioral and emotional issues", when it comes to behavior and emotion, there are so many avenues to pursue - and maybe you have already – or so many times already pursued them.


You may have tried reward charts and positive reinforcement and we are all for that.


Other strategies; ignoring, social skills training, behavior modification plans and environmental structure changes may be in your rear view mirror as tried and opted out of or given up on.


Counseling for emotional issues can never be discounted and we have found Neurofeedback really changes the brain profoundly to support emotional regulation and behavior change that makes the process of counseling go so much quicker.


Coaching in concert with Neurofeedback is a combination which enhances the overall treatment plan for your child's success. It entrains new and healthy patterns for the brain and then, with those new patterns, your child creates healthy goals to be practiced and attained in their life.

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