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Social skills training can benefit any child, but most especially exceptional children. Effective social skills are the key to success in adult life where social skills often outweigh specific job skills in controlling advancement and success in a career.

Social Skills Training Can Benefit the Very Bright Child

Social skills training in NJ from the Parsippany Counseling Center.For children whose intelligence has been perceived early, parents often become preoccupied with the child's cognitive skills and focus less on social skills. But even within the child, he or she may become so preoccupied with his or her own thoughts that there's little interest in social interaction. As a result, there's little automatic social skills training. It's easy to remember an encounter with an intellectually gifted child who became isolated from peers because of an underdeveloped sense of respect for other people. Social skills training for the "gifted and talented"" child may be of greater value than school enrichment programs.

Ask us about social skills training for your child.

Social Skills and Learning Disabilities

Social skills training can be of great value to children with learning disabilities. Most learning disabilities interfere with or distort the way a person processes information: visual, auditory, sensori-motor, and emotional. Information processing is at the heart of language development, and social skills are based on one's ability to communicate. Communication involves both receiving language cues from others and expressing one's self to others.

Social skills training teaches strategies and language options.

Ask us how social skills training can benefit a child with learning disabilities.

Social Skills Training for Children with Aspergerís

Children with Aspergerís and ADHD often benefit the most from social skills training.Aspergerís Syndrome presents some real challenges in terms of a childís social development. Children with Aspergerís are perhaps those most often in need of some form of social skills training.

  • Children with Asperger's are often overwhelmed by super-sensitivity to sensory stimulation. It's not unusual to find an Asperger's child who, when confronted with visual or auditory stimulation, will withdraw.
  • Children with Asperger's often don't make eye contact, and as a result they don't easily develop the ability to perceive and interpret facial expressions which are the key to understanding the reactions of other people.
  • Many children with Asperger's tend to be obsessive-compulsive, causing them to be totally absorbed with a particular interest rather than engaging with other people.

Social skills training for children with Asperger's addresses these deficits by teaching them strategies to become aware of what other people are feeling and teaching them language options to express their own feelings.

The Parsippany Counseling Center in north central New Jersey offers social skills training for children with Aspergerís syndrome. Call today to ask about our schedule.

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