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Parent workshops and divorce counseling for children are only two of the group counseling sessions offered by the Parsippany Counseling Center.

Parent Workshops

New Jersey parent workshops are available at the Parsippany Counseling Center in north central NJ.Most of enter the role of parent woefully unprepared. Whatís appropriate discipline? How should we deal with issues that arise in our childrenís lives? What educational choices are best for our kids? How can we assure our kids of the best possible education? These and other topics are addressed in parent workshops offered by us in our Parsippany, NJ location. In a group counseling session, our parent workshops reassure you that youíre not alone in your concerns and uncertainties. Our parent workshops give you tried and tested tools and techniques to help you be a more effective parent.

For example our parent workshops can help you develop cooperation, responsibility and self-esteem in your children. Parent workshops can also teach you positive discipline techniques so you can avoid those contentious arguments and power struggles with your kids.

Call to learn more about our parent workshops.

Divorce Group Counseling for Children

Divorce group counseling for children helps them get through a difficult and emotionally-charged period and emerge stronger and healthier. In New Jersey, call the Parsippany Counseling Center.When a divorce becomes necessary in a relationship, many adults seek counseling, either before or after the fact. However, children are also deeply affected by divorce. In our divorce group counseling for children, kids learn that their worries and concerns arenít unique. They learn how other children have handled a divorce and come out of it as whole, healthy kids.

In our divorce counseling for children, we typically address identifying what the difficult parts of divorce for the children and helping kids learn effective strategies for dealing with those issues. Maintaining a meaningful relationship with both parents is another area that often needs work.

There are a number of common sense things that you can do apart from and outside of divorce group counseling for your children to help them come through the process healthy and happy.

  • Tell the kids about the divorce together, not separately.
  • Try to minimize disruptions in their lives and activities.
  • Explain clearly that the divorce is not the fault of the child or children. This is very often a big issue for children of divorce.
  • Make sure they understand it's OK to still love both Mom and Dad and that neither parent will be mad if the child still loves the other parent.
  • Make sure they know you'll still support them as always.
  • Answer their questions lovingly and honestly.

Call or email today to see when we have a group counseling session thatís right for you.

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Too often we realize we're stressed after the fact. The best way to fight stress is to recognize its warning signs so you can stop it before it strikes. Neurofeedback can teach you how to do this.
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